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Thinking Pink: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and You

Thinking Pink: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and You

October 01, 2021

The mission of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is to help women win their battle with breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. Even though they are staffed with dedicated professionals, all with the same goal in mind, their work needs the funding assistance of individuals and businesses to continue. So why not celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by helping to provide the BCRF with the funding they need to continue their important work? Below are just some of the ways to help out.

Make a Donation

The NBCF relies on monetary donations from individuals throughout the year to help fund their programs and research. Consider making a contribution or becoming a regular donor. You might be able to take a tax deduction for your donation and have the satisfaction that you are contributing to a worthy cause.1

Start a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are one of the easiest ways to build awareness and raise funds for nonprofits, such as the NBCF. Join a fundraising event for the NBCF to help raise funds, or even host your own event.1 If you lack time to commit to a fundraising event, consider asking your friends and family through social media to donate to the NBCF instead of giving birthday presents this year.

Partner with the Foundation

If you are a business owner or your business is looking to provide charitable support, consider partnering with the NBCF. Partners at the Pink Ribbon Partnership Level have no minimum annual contribution but have the ability to manage their own campaign through the BCRF’s online fundraising platform.2

Businesses may also opt for a Full-Service Partnership level, which requires a minimum annual donation of $3,000 or a commitment of the same in-kind value. When you are at this partnership level, you get your own dedicated manager and may use the NBCF logo and registered trademarks.2

Find out more about how to support breast cancer care by contacting the BCRF today for more information.

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